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Nasty Women Exhibition Collection

This collection is a work in progress, to be shown across the nation and internationally in solidarity with 'Nasty Women' exhibitions. 'Nasty Women' is a group exhibition that serves to demonstrate solidarity among artists who identify with being a Nasty Woman in the face of threats to roll back women’s rights, individual rights, and abortion rights. It also serves as a fundraiser to support organizations defending these rights and to be a platform for organization. The show sold every piece in NYC and money from sales goes to related charities. The massive response has taken this call to arms into building an ever-expanding network of Nasty Women Artists & Art Organizers that will culminate in multiple exhibitions. Find out more at

Winter 2017

Recently I have been really expanding with my work with oils, acrylics, plaster, crochet, upcycling, drawings, pastels, revisiting past photography, and more! 

The Pussyfoot Collection

The Pussyfoot Collection was new work made for "Pussyfoot" a 3 woman show at Club 157 Gallery, 2016 -an exhibition about strength, surface tension, womanhood, feminism and stealth. I presented Pussydream, Beating Around the Bush, Wet, Hot, and Vocal.

The Ordo Sol Serpentis et Stellae Collection

The Ordo Sol Serpentis et Stellae Collection is a series of 66 5”x8”, ink, metallics and pencil drawings. I am in a cult of two called Ordo Sol Serpentis et Stellae. Our love is eternal and the wellspring of my creativity. This is the inspiration behind all pieces in this series. The series was exhibited in full at Friday Studio Gallery in 2016, and a select few from the set in a single edition digital print on woodcut during Pussyfoot at Club 157 Gallery in 2016, and for Bushwick Open Studios 2016.

The Fire Tarot and Process Collection

This collection was first shared with the public in April 2016 at Image Gallery as a work in progress, where thousands of process images were displayed and I participated in a panel. This gave me a lot of insight about where to take this project. This set of the Fire Tarot & Process Collection was shown in October 2016 at Club 157 Gallery and includes 27 photographs in a single print edition. All prints are 1/1. Each print is an 8" x 10" x 1/2" photograph on a woodcut plaque. 21 of these images are flames burnt during private divination rituals by the artist and named after the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The remaining six images represent Process. ‘80 Spirits’ contains the other 20 flame images within its cage.

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