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"As an outlet monger by nature with a compulsion for tangible results in the world I have been prolific and experimental with art for as long as I’ve been alive. I've also always been writing. No matter the medium there are consistencies. Everything is a self portrait in a sense, a reflection of current bearings, the hottest fire burning, the state of progress in inquiry and advancement of wisdom. It is usually ripe with vivid colors, hidden messages, divination, origin stories and personal mythology. Art can be a form of note taking or divination. Studying esotericism, occultism, magik, religion, and the practice of lucid dreaming are my primary influences.


At the most base level creating art or writing is making the invisible visible. The all-consuming attention creation takes fascinates me, putting me in touch with something eternal. Through art the universe speaks. I would happily explain what any piece of work means to me to anyone curious, but often find that viewers receive their own unique messages from my work.


I consciously refrain from exhibiting a viewpoint on worldly issues and prefer to engage subjects that are timeless, though tapping into a collective unconscious is inevitable when working with vibrational frequencies and emotional tone."


Mission Statement: to share secrets with kindred spirits and make the unrelated curious


Heather Rae Hatton (b. 1981, Honesdale PA USA) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. As an outlet monger by nature with a compulsion for tangible results she is prolific and experimental. Vivid colors, hidden messages, divination, origin stories and personal myths fill her drawings in ink, metallic and pencil. Fire dances for her, captured in rituals. More recently she has been having visions in acrylic and creating work in oil, sumi and watercolor. In the upcoming Nasty Women exhibit in Connecticut she will be showcasing sculpture in the form of upcycling and crochet. Her most recent photography project is an ongoing series of erotic self-portraits. Her artwork is influenced by esoteric studies, mysticism, ritual, vivid lucid dreams, nature, meditation, religion, self-improvement, vibrational frequency and a consistent patronage to galleries over the years, particularly in Williamsburg, Greenpoint & Bushwick-Brooklyn, where she has been based since 2003. Prior to that she participated in the Flux Factory artist in residence program for a year, Long Island City, Queens.


She has shown work repeatedly in Brooklyn galleries, and more recently has expanded her visibility nationally. In 2017 her goals are to continue expanding geographically, to travel, and to develop her social media presence.


Heather Rae Hatton

 b. 1981, Honesdale, PA USA

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY (Manchester, CT 09/2016-06/2017)



Selected Exhibitions

2017 Art-Fix, Melbourne, Australia

2017 Nasty Women Portugal Exhibition, EKA, Lisbon, Portugal

2017 Nasty Women Amsterdam Exhibition, Josilda da Conceicao Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2017 Nasty Women Hudson Valley Exhibition, Instar Lodge, Germantown, NY

2017 Nasty Women Iowa City Exhibition, Near Future, Iowa City, IA

2017 Nasty Women Rockford Exhibition, State and Madison, Rockford, IL

2017 Nasty Women New Haven Exhibition, The Institute Library, New Haven, CT

2017 Art for the Soul, Gallery 153, Manchester CT

2017 Manchester Memorial Hospital Gallery, Manchester CT

2016 Pussyfoot, Club 157 Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016 Bushwick Open Studios, Club 157 Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016 Garden of Secrets, Friday Studio Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016 WIP, Image Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2015 Tarot Society Coloring Book, Tarot Society, Brooklyn NY (5/2/15)



Manchester Arts Association, Manchester CT

The Artist’s Collective, Manchester CT

Bushwick Galleries, Brooklyn NY

Lady Art NYC, New York NY

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce


Artist Panel Participation

2016 WIP, Image Gallery, Brooklyn NY



Works held in private collections across the United States.


Curatorial Projects

2016 “Mary of Cain by Jane Cogger”, Club 157 Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016 “The Bushwick Photography Club : Group Show”, Club 157 Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016 “Dioramarama Group Show”, Club 157 Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016 “Artifacts of the Descendants by Jonathan Kopp”, Club 157 Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016 “Dreamcatching Group Show”, Club 157 Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016 “XOXO : On Love by Lena Marquise & Caspar Peteus”, Club 157 Gallery, Brooklyn NY



2002-2003 Flux Factory Artist in Residence Program, New York



Baruch College, Entrepreneurship BS (Graduated Cum Laude), 2015

Fordham University, Arts Courses, 1999-2001

Scranton University, Art Courses, 1998-1999

Keystone College, Art Courses, 1998



Graves, Cassidy Dawn. “Introducing Club 157”,, March 11, 2016.

Woods, Tyler. “This woman made her apartment into a free coworking space”,, November 5, 2015.

Art is the instinctive application of the knowledge latent in the subconscious. 
-Austin Osman Spare
Artist Statement
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