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The Fire Tarot and Process Collection

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Major Arcana cards of the tarot have been chosen from thousands of pictures of flames. I believe the chosen flame conveys the spirit and essence of the card. 

"The fires I did alone, behind closed doors, with ritual and ceremony in pyromancy. I do this in my Brooklyn bedroom. Sometimes the flames get to be over six feet high when I play with fire. I have a variety of bowls and basins I have used over the years, filling the base with rubbing alcohol and lighting. I have been doing this since I was eleven years old. Even before that fire was my friend. Since as early as I can remember one of my household chores was to bring the trash to the burn barrel and burn it. I lived on a farm in Pennsylvania with my grandparents, in the middle of nowhere surrounded by expanses of woods. Here in NYC I have resorted to what I have named the “Brooklyn Bonfire”, a quick and contained method. The fire dances for me and its images speak to me. If you really wanted me to, I could explain each piece individually. The hardest parts of putting this series together was narrowing down the thousands of images to these few and editing digitally. I prefer the playing with fire part of the process. I would like to continue developing this series, adding additional photographs to the series, and the next time I print experiment with different formats and larger prints. I could potentially create an entire tarot deck composed of fire. A full deck has 78 cards." 

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